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I started my first company, Real World NP, in 2019 after I nearly burnt out as a nurse practitioner in primary care. I went into it crossing my fingers that I'd find someone else to do all the "business stuff" so I could focus on teaching medicine.

Turns out the "business stuff" is actually my zone of genius— and I'm inches away from a recurring 7-figure company... all with organic traffic. 

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Green smoothies, peloton (yep, I've become one of those people!), dreaming, procrastinating, hyper-focusing, Voxing with my team and business besties

(Almost) daily rituals:

Nerding out on marketing & systems, dreaming, reading #AllTheBooks, playing with my daughter


Dishonesty, inauthenticity, unkindness, cruelty, pushy/slimy/sleezy marketing


Creating magic, and leaving the world better than I found it. Love, wonder, compassion, equity, inclusion, justice & humanity. 


And let's be real— I'm tenacious AF. But I'm also a mom, spouse, highly sensitive empath, and anti-hustle culture— no 80-hour weeks here. Or even 40.

I did hustle hard my first year (probably too hard). And like most entrepreneurs, I learned from "business gurus" that taught me "one right way" to do things.

True, strong business foundations are important. But longevity depends on designing our businesses around our unique gifts and strengths. Which is what I embody in my businesses and help other entrepreneurs with today.

My superpower is having an eye for the gems at the heart of the matter, and alchemizing new possibilities. Not cookie-cutter, though— tailor-made to you. I'm obsessed with learning about and holding space for peoples' big, giant dreams— I'd love to help you, too.

Where did this success come from? Rock-solid products, clear messaging, strategic marketing, and self-honoring vision.

There are so many business coaches out there claiming to be experts. Authenticity is my top value, so I want to share some background on my experience. My first company hit $250k and had 8,000 email list subscribers in its first year— all with organic traffic. Today it's closer to 20k people on our email list and consistently over $500k in annual recurring revenue. It's hard for me to claim "expertise" when there's always so much to learn, but I have both gifts and experience to share with you.

Ruler, Alchemist, Accumulator

Sacred Money Archetypes: 

Futuristic, Achiever, Learner, Restorative, Intellection

Gallup Strengths: 

INFP - Mediator

Myers- BriGgs: 

About Me

Nurse Practitioner to 6-Figure Entrepreneur

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Most business growth challenges have to do with how you're marketing, communicating with your potential clients (aka messaging), or packaging and pricing your offers and services. This is my FAVORITE place to play. Book a strategy call and we'll unravel the blocks and map out your next steps together.

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